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Reflux Inhibitor


Acid Reflux, Poor Digestion

Put an end to acid reflux with targeted, effective relief.

Prevents Reflux
Digestive Support
Targeted Solution
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Found in Nature.
Enhanced by Science.

We believe the natural world holds the answer to humans’ most pesky health problems, but even Mother Nature needs a little help. We source the highest quality natural ingredients—like Betaine, which can be found in beetroot and leafy greens—and formulate them into safe, scientifically-backed daily supplements so you get the best of what nature and science have to offer.


Supports Protein Digestion



Balances Stomach PH


Reflux Inhibitor



Your Perfect Match

Even with an ideal diet, getting certain nutrients can be tough. This product ensures you receive them in beneficial forms.*

Prevents Reflux
If everything you've tried was wrong, maybe the opposite must be right? Reflux Inhibitor works in opposite to antacids and actually boosts digestion. The result? Better digestion, less reflux.
Digestive Support
Sometimes we all need a little help breaking things down. Reflux Inhibitor is your personal garbage disposal, digesting food so that it only only goes where it belongs.
Targeted Solution
Reflux Inhibitor zeroes in on the common denominator between most acid reflux patients. In doing so, it offers focused relief that will feel like a high-five to your gut.

What Makes Us Better?

We’re not elitist—except when it comes to what we put in our supplements. That’s why we only use high quality, all-natural ingredients and why all our products are vegan friendly and GMO free.


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Gluten Free


Maximum Absorption

Safe For Long Term Use

Glyphosate Free

"Persistent heartburn is beyond annoying, it's just plain painful and I'm so glad I found this product to stop the acid in its tracks! Trust me, it really works."
-Jane H. Reflux Inhibitor user since 2019

What To Expect...

Start with Reflux Inhibitor and notice your health changing for the good. Here’s what happens:

Week 1

Make sure to say your final goodbyes to poor digestion. Good things are are right around the corner.

Week 4

If meals are starting to become , dare I say, "enjoyable," then you're on the right track.

Week 8

Your stomach acid is no longer an uninvited guest in your esophagus. No hate to stomach acid, but your esophagus is a private event.

Week 12+

You've put in the work, and now you should be seeing the rewards. Your reflux should be somewhere between manageable and an afterthought. No more PPI's or TUM's rattling in your pocket.

What People Are Saying

99 reviews

See Why Thousands Trust

Reflux Inhibitor
Finally, Relief from Reflux!
"Reflux Inhibitor has been a total lifesaver. No more discomfort after meals, and my digestion's never felt better."
Christopher T.
Goodbye, Acid Reflux
"After struggling with acid reflux for years, Reflux Inhibitor gave me back my comfort. Eating is enjoyable again, and I'm loving the digestive support."
Kayla H.
Eating Without Fear
"With Reflux Inhibitor, I've said goodbye to the fear of acid reflux. Meals are enjoyable again, and my digestion is on point."
Bob H.
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Jenny A.
United States United States

Reflux inhibitor

Works great. I use with the acid reducer . No more prescription/OTC acid reflux medication.


Terra Health Essentials

YAY! So so happy to hear that, Jenny!

Alan B.
United States United States

I love this stuff!

I have battled acid reflux for years. The medications that helped have all been deemed dangerous. I started using Terra Health Reflux Inhibitor about a year ago and has been a life saver!

Mary O.
United States United States

It really works.

My struggle with heartburn started in my 50s. I tried every OTC antacid under the sun—Tums, Rolaids... This has helped me get a grip on my GERD and start making positive changes to heal my gut rather than just mask the symptoms and pain and never actually fix the heartburn.

Cici J.
United States United States

My experience with reflux inhibitor

I found out about this from a friend who saw an instagram post on this supplement. She sent it to me because I have been suffering for many years with heartburn. Despite the meds I have tried, my heartburn has persisted and worsened with my age, and I was worried about the long-term side effects of these drugs. I tried this and my gut health is improving. I no longer experience the debilitating burning in my stomach and throat. I can sleep. try this you will not regret it

Skylar E.
United States United States

My acid reflux story

I've been dealing with acid reflux for as long as I can remember. For 14 years, I was on a constant cycle of Lanzoprazole and Omeprazole. Every time one seemed to stop working, I'd switch to the other, but the heartburn always came back. It felt like I had a blowtorch in my chest every night, and I couldn't eat anything without the fear of waking up in pain. A friend recommended these Terra Health supplements for me because they were all-natural, which I believed was the reason it would not work.... Anyways I decided to try it and I am glad I did because it HEALED my heartburn in less than 2 months. Like completely and I do not take the medications anymore at all. I haven't taken any PPIs or OTC antacids since. Now on my fourth bottle of Reflux Inhibitor, my gut health feels better than ever, and I sleep peacefully through the night. I can't believe I struggled for so long without knowing about this miracle product.

How To Take

Take 3 Capsules
Swallow with water
Or your favorite drink
Feel the benefits!

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